RV  Claims


24 X 7

Claims Assistance

For Assistance with Claims or to request Roadside Assistance, call: 1.844.252.0937

Whether you have a motorized, or towable your are protected within the guidelines of your agreement. Please call 24x7 to file a claim.  Coverage from the providers of J.D. POWER Protection Products.

For Assistance with Claims or to request Roadside Assistance, call: 1.844.252.0937


When repairs are required, return Your Vehicle to the Dealer. If you cannot return Your Vehicle to the Dealer, You must call Us at 844-252-0937 to receive instructions. If You do not follow Our instructions, We are not obligated to pay/reimburse You for the Cost of any covered repairs. Authorization must be obtained from Us prior to having your Vehicle repaired. We reserve the right to inspect Your Vehicle before the Authorization of any repairs. In order to make a claim under this Contract You must:

  1. Contact Us at 844-252-0937 for prior authorization and a claim number before work is commenced.
  2. Provide “tear down authorization” when requested by Us so that the repair facility can provide an accurate diagnosis and repair estimate
  3. Mail all supporting documentation to Us within 30 days to: Axiom Product Administration, c/o Claims Department, 8651 Hwy N, Suite 201, Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367.
  4. All Breakdowns must be reported promptly to the Dealer from whom You purchased this Contract, or if you have moved or are traveling out of town: Call Us Toll Free: 844-252-0937.

Pre-authorization is granted based on the information We are provided. If any documentation submitted does not substantiate the information provided during the authorization call, Your claim may be denied. The amount authorized by Us is the maximum amount that will be paid for repairs or replacement covered under this Contract. Any Additional Amounts must receive prior authorization from Us.

 EMERGENCY CLAIM PROCEDURES: In the event of a Breakdown outside Our normal business hours, You may elect to wait for authorization or proceed with repairs. If you proceed with repairs you will be reimbursed in accordance with all terms and conditions/exclusions and restrictions of this Contract. If you proceed with repairs without prior authorization, in order to be eligible for reimbursement,  the damaged parts must be retained or inspected upon our request and  You must contact Us within 2 business days or as soon as reasonably possible. You will be responsible for repair costs if it is determined that the repair was not eligible for coverage under this Contract. All claim documentation must be received within 30 days of repair to be eligible for payment.