We offer a variety of Recreational Vehicle coverage options. Several are outlined below.

 VSC Motorized | Towable:

NEW VSC: 0-36,000 miles and current model year plus 4 prior model years (2015-Current Model)
Travel Trailer will be eligible for NEW VSC if they are 2015 or newer
PREOWNED VSC: 0-80,000 miles and current model year plus 11 prior model years (2008-2019)
Travel Trailers will be eligible for a PREOWNED VSC if they are older than 2015

Theft Protection:

Any and all units are available for this product (it is a serialized UV sticker that is added to the unit and that serial number must be handwritten on the contract)
Maximum Benefit amount $2,500 or $5,000 (it depends on what the customer selects on the registration page)

GAP Coverage:

New and Pre-Owned Vehicles (cannot be used for commercial purposes)
Maximum amount financed: $500,000
Benefit Maximum: $50,000

** Coverage is truncated at 120 months. Pricing is based on the loan term, not the coverage term.
LTV MAX: 135%

Paint & Fabric Coverage:

New and Pre-Owned Vehicles Coverage limit $5,000
5-year terms available
(Product will be applied on the exterior and interior of the unit before the unit leaves the dealership)
**Can not be used for commercial purposes

Tire & Wheel:

Can be on all units (new and pre-owned)
Towable/Motorized rate classes
Tire/Wheel repair: Max $150 per tire per occurrence
Tire/Wheel REPLACE: Max $1,000 per tire per occurrence
If the customer hits a curb the benefit is REPAIR only.
No Chrome/Chrome Clad Wheels.

Lifetime Limited Warranty  | 20-year Limited Warranty:

Five (5) Plus current model year.  2017-Present Model Year.

For Assistance with Claims or to request Roadside Assistance, call: 1-844-252-0937


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